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Our short 1 minute assessment will help you gain a quick visual of where your business lies as it relates to becoming an Empire Operating System Certified Coach. Your results will display immediately upon submission and you’ll also get a copy of your assessment by email at the email address you enter below.

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$0 - $1 M$1 - $3 M$3 - $5 M$5 - $25 M$25 M+
1 - 3 teammates3 - 10 teammates10 - 20 teammates20 - 50 teammates50+ teammates
Less than 3x3 - 5x5 - 10x10 - 20x20x+
012 - 55 - 1010+
01 - 33 - 55 - 1010+
No PreferenceYes, but it could be a lot betterYes, it does what we need for nowYes, we have customized it to our needsYes, it's dialed in for multiple verticals and easily replicable
No, not really sureYes, but takes a lot of time and researchYes, we are fairly confident in our processYes, we have a great process in place and can do this quicklyYes, it's dialed in and easily replicable
Yes, a lot of personalities just clash with meYes, the teams seem to listen but don't reach their potentialYes, but the teams usually hit their goalsNo, the teams are led well and usually overachieveNo, we lead a variety of teams that are constantly overachieving
Yes, great at identifying but not fulfillingYes, great at identifying but struggle to help fulfillYes, great at identifying and can usually help them fulfillNo, we are great at identifying and pretty good at fulfillingNo, we are great at identifying and great at fulfillment
No, I have a general knowledge but struggle with the tacticsNo, I have a general knowledge and am somewhat tacticalYes, I have a general knowledge and have some successful strategiesYes, I have good knowledge and some good strategiesYes, I have great knowledge and great strategies
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