Assessment Results

Build. Your. Empire.



Start with a passion

  • Less than 1 year in business
  • Defined time, money & resources


Continue through process

  • Profitable for two quarters+
  • Under 60 days op. ex. on hand
  • No formal operating system


Profitable through performance

  • Monthly Op. Ex. = 6 mo. profit
  • Operating system at 100%
  • All key roles hired and trained


Expand with purpose

  • Reached all levels of viability
  • A clearly defined purpose
  • Ready to leverage resources


Legacy through our life’s work

  • Ready to exit the business

Startup: 1 – 19

Start with a passion

  • Less than 1 year in business
  • Defined time, money & resources

You Scored:

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What This Means and What to Do Next

You are in Startup phase and there are additional tools and resources available to help you grow!

If you have not yet scheduled your Discovery Call please schedule below.  If you have already scheduled we will discuss specific ways you can grow.

Empire Business Operations Course

Consider signing up for our Empire Business Operations online course. Use this coupon code for a $999 discount: TitanTalk

Schedule a Call

Learn more about how the Empire Operating System can be a resource for  your business to  grow and scale.  On our call we will discuss your assessment and how to move through to the phase of business you’re looking to be in.

Build. Your. Empire.

Don't Just Build a Business. Build an Empire.


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